Please Note That all the orders placed since 13th oct, 2018 are pending due to complicated international banking process.

we are trying our best to come up with a resolution ASAP. We will notify once we are back.

We Deeply Apologies for the inconvenience

Billing - Insights

  • 1. The customers are billed after they have successfully made the payment for the products they have selected. We offer FREE SHIPPING therefore; we do not charge any additional amount other than the product cost.
  • 2. Currently, we do not provide any monthly subscription in advance; the customers will be notified once it is introduced in future.
  • 3. Once a customer has placed an order by filling the order form, the billing is initiated. However, this order form passes through Internet Fraud Detection (IFD) process to authenticate the customer details and initiate a safe and secure billing. However, after the billing process, a customer may receive the order confirmation within 12-24 hours so it is requested to check your email and card details after 12-24 hours. This kind of safe and secure billing ensures that your card details/card is not being misused.
  • 4. Just in case, if there is any unusual activity reported from our end, our team will get in touch with you regarding the same.
  • 5. We have an impeccable USA customer service team who are friendly, thoughtful and caring. Our assistants will make you feel extremely comfortable while speaking and assist you in every possible way they can.
  • 6. This team will be available for your assistance every Monday – Friday between 8 to 5 Mountain Standard Time (MST) for the USA residents. We have a separate non-USA customer service team who can assist you 24*7 via email or chat.