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All about our products

YourMedHub supplies 100% premium quality, brand alternatives and generic medicines at a great and affordable cost. Generic medicines are alternative to the branded products with similar efficacy, and dosage, but at comparatively lower rates than the branded ones.

Our aim is to eradicate health issues by making available cost-effective and high quality generic medicines throughout the world. Therefore, it is not necessary to produce any medical prescription for placing any order on our website

Manufactured in the laboratories approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), these medicines are formulated by reputed pharmaceutical companies in India and Singapore. Moreover, all the products go through a strict quality check under the supervision of medical experts. All the products go through rigorous quality check, shelf life check/expiry before they are packed and shipped.

For further assistance, our 24*7 customer service team is always there to assist you with any of your queries related to our range of medicines or personal health conditions.