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Generic v/s Branded Medicines

Monday, Jan 8, 2018

What are Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines are alternative to the medicines having a brand name. These medicines are usually formulated with ingredients consisting of similar components, dose and efficacy to treat a medical condition.

Generic medicines are given generic names and it comes in different size, shape, packaging and color. Such medicines are cost-effective and similar to the branded ones showing equal effectiveness.

Though the demand for generic medicines are gradually increasing in many countries, lately the government has started encouraging the consumers to use such generic medicines due to its similar effect at lower price options. Those who have budget constraint can easily opt for generic medicines.

What are Branded Medicines?

Branded medicines are those which are formulated by pharmaceutical companies. These companies shell in a lot of money in promoting and advertising the brand and this is why, we find them too expensive.

These medicines are sold under manufacturer rights and the packaging involves patent, brand name and often contains the generic name somewhere around the corner. The size, shape, and color of brand are reflected on the medicine clearly.

The manufacturer has the patent to produce branded medicines for a particular period of time. During this period, no other manufacturer is authorized to manufacture the same product. Hence, these medicines relatively cost, high when compared to generic medicines. Those who don’t have budget constraint can go for branded medicines.

Here are some of the questions that would have triggered your mind while reading the article above:

  • 1. How do generic medicines differ from the branded ones?
  • The generic medicines show the same effectiveness as the branded medicines show wherein it can take in the same dose and method.

  • 2. Can the generic drugs show efficacy in treating medical conditions like any branded drugs?
  • Absolutely, yes! The generic drugs are formulated by reputed pharmaceutical companies under the strict guidelines of medical experts. Moreover, all the medicines are tested for its efficacy and safety in the laboratories approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide similar strength, quality, and purity like the branded medicines.

  • 3. How long do generic medicines take to work in the body?
  • The generic medicines act similar to the branded medicines. However, it works in the similar way and in the similar amount of time as branded medicines do.

  • 4. How are generic drugs manufactured?
  • The generic medicines are manufactured similar to the branded medicines which meet similar standards and guidelines approved by FDA. Manufactured in the laboratories approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), these medicines are formulated by reputed pharmaceutical companies in India. India is the major hub for manufacturing drugs due to the readily available ingredients that are used in formulating process.

    Moreover, all the products go through a strict quality check under the supervision of medical experts. All the products go through rigorous quality check, shelf life check/expiry before they are packed and shipped. 50% of the brand manufacturing pharmaceutical companies are involved in producing generic drugs. Every time there is a new branded medicine in the market, the companies come up with a alternative medicine, having a generic name which is further sold at lower rates.

  • 5. How do generic and branded medicines differ in pricing?
  • The prices of the generic medicines are comparatively lower than the branded medicines as the generic medicines do not include the costing of the laboratory and safety tests. Generic are similar, therefore, the manufactures need not utilize much time and money behind the products.

  • 6. The generic medicines don’t look similar to their original brands. Why so?
  • The generic medicines consist of ingredients which regulates the shape, size, and color of the medicine. Moreover, the Trademark laws do not permit the manufacturers to create look-a-like of the branded medicines. It is essential to have a different color, shape and size with a similar effect.

  • 7. How to shop for generic medicines?
  • During any particular medical condition, you will have to visit a doctor who writes a prescription for you. Ask your doctor to suggest for consuming effective generic medicines that are cost-effective. At YourMedHub, it is not necessary to show a prescription for placing any order. However, we do recommend consulting a doctor before taking any medication.

  • 8. How easily should I rely on the generic medication?
  • If you are planning to choose generic medication for any medical condition, you can go ahead! Even though it looks different from the branded medicines, generic medicines are chemically safe and efficient in treating medical conditions. Before you opt for any kind of medicine, it is recommended to take doctors advice.

If you have any questions in your mind related to generic or branded medicines, which is not listed above can write down your query to us at

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