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Medicine For Everyone

Monday, January 15, 2018
  • An Introduction
  • The United States is one of the countries to find complication in reforming the health care system to improve the quality of medication while making it affordable for all. Thought the overall health care system is trying hard, but still there are lots of areas which need a lot of improvement when it comes to health care and medication. The U.S has a lot to offer to its citizens in terms of reward for their hard work. However, the basic necessity of accessing health care has, unfortunately, become an exception due to improper access to health-improving care and medication. Therefore, to fill in those broad gaps, YourMedHub offers high quality and cost-effective drugs that benefit every class at a relatively low price.

  • Problems
  • In 2017, the population of the USA has witnessed a rapid growth and therefore, tremendous growth is observed in drug consumption as well. However, according to a recent report, the consumption rate is 40 percent higher among the senior citizens (65 or above). Moreover, they tend to use five or more medicines at a time to treat different types of ailments.

    Speaking about the death reports, in 2014, a statistic suggests around 2,626,418 deaths have been reported in the USA due to various ailments. Out of these deaths, 76,000 die due to diabetes each year.

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's health statistic, almost 1 in 10 Americans fail to afford medications as per the prescription. Most of the doctors recommend branded medicines which cost more than a monthly salary of a low-income citizen.

    A few studies revealed that 8 out of 10 Americans most commonly consume medicines for treating heart-related diseases including diabetes and cholesterol.

    The U.S citizens are majorly suffering from obesity at the rate of 34.9 percent. Easily available low-priced processed food and limited access to healthy ingredients have contributed to the risk of obesity.

  • YMH - Viewpoint
  • In order to reduce the death rate of the citizens suffering from various medical conditions, it is necessary for the health care system to make great efforts in providing excellent medication and diagnosis at lower costs.

    The unhealthy lifestyle of American citizens has a tremendous impact on their life. The citizens should look for ways that help them lead a healthy lifestyle. All starts with a clean eating habit and a little bit of exercise. However, the smartest way of leading a healthy lifestyle is by avoiding processed food and indulging into a fitness regime.

    YourMedHub offers generic drugs at lower costs so that it medication shouldn’t be restricted by budget or affordability. Right to an easy on pocket health care is for all and it should be made available for all.

  • Everything you must know about Generic Drugs
  • Generic medicines are alternative to the brand medicines which are usually formulated with ingredients similar components, served with an exact same dose and equally effective in treating medical conditions. Known by its generic name, generic medicines often differ in size, shape, packaging, and color from the branded ones.

    The generic medicines are manufactured in under the strict and standard and guidelines approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). To shop for generic medicines, you will have to ask your doctor to prescribe generic medicines and not the branded ones as they may cost a bomb.

To learn more about generic medicines sold by YourMedHub, contact us at 844-813-1244 anytime between Monday – Friday, 8 to 5 Mountain Standard Time (MST) or drop in your queries at

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